The FDA is a semi-public autonomous corporation created by an act of the legislature on December 20, 1976, with the mandate to sustainably manage and conserve the forests and related resources of the country for the benefit of present and future generations. The mandate of FDA includes but is not limited to the following broad responsibilities:

  • Formulation and enforcement of forestry law, policy objectives and regulations in collaboration with the relevant and concerned ministries and agencies.
  • Enhancement of the sustainable management, conservation and utilization of the forest and related resources, taking into consideration their various benefits to the people and the nation.
  • Controlling and monitoring of concessions operations to ensure that concessionaires carry out activities in line with prescribed guidelines.
  • Assessment and collection of revenue from forestry activities.
  • Conduct of research and training
  • Provisions of technical assistance to operators engage in the forestry sector.
  • Implementation and supervision of reforestation programs and projects.
  • Encouraging and promoting the involvement and participation of rural dwellers in forestry programs and projects; and
  • Protection and extension services for the sustainability of the forest estate.

Developmental Goal

Sustainable forestry for sustainable socio-economic development of Liberia”